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GPS School is a conscious and thoughtful response to a critical need for an excellent and relevant education in an innovative and creative frameworks. Apart from academics, cultural and traditional persuasion, we are striving to groom our students towards self-development and self-discipline through sell-introspection.

The educational philosophy in GPS School does not prejudice the thinking of children with preset ideals. The school has an atmosphere of warmth, beauty and creativity where children can flourish. We identify, nurture and enrich giftedness in each child through continuous innovative learning to bring out the best in him/her.

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Good conduct, proper uniform and regular attendance are very essential to qualify for any reward. The minimum requirement for obtaining a certificate of proficiency in any subject is 75% marks.


At the end of the year, promotion to the next class will be decided on the basis of the whole year's work. Regular attendance and steady work, therefore, will be a condition for promotion.


The medium fo instruction adopted by the school is primarily English. However, due importance is given to hindi, our national language. Social and psychological adjustment between boys and girls is of prime importance in the contemporary world...